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0125 StrokeCoach® with Surge Rate

StrokeCoach with SurgeRate - no Wiring Needed.

The StrokeCoach with Surge Rate is NK’s most basic performance monitor. View stroke rate, stroke count and elapsed time with no wiring. Just snap the StrokeCoach into a compatible bracket fixed to the boat, turn it on and row.


The StrokeCoach you love, updated with 21st Century technology! The StrokeCoach with Surge Rate provides every StrokeCoach function – stroke rate, stroke count and elapsed time – with absolutely NO wiring or magnet required!

NK’s proprietary stroke algorithm, combined with a sensitive three-axis accelerometer, gives immediate accurate stroke rating in any boat – rowing shell, dragon boat, canoe or kayak – and in any position. You can even rest it on the floor of the boat between your feet since it is completely waterproof.


What does the StrokeCoach Surge Measure?

  •  Time

  • Stroke Rate

  • Stroke Count

Who does the StrokeCoach Surge Suit?

One of the most straightforward tools that accomplishes the essential tasks for all Beginner or Skilled Rowers. The StrokeCoach Surge is the most beginner friendly unit and affordable. The StrokeCoach Surge keeps track of the total number of strokes, the pace per minute, and the amount of time spent rowing. It doesn't need wiring and makes use of internal sensors. This means you can use the StrokeCoach at anytime of day as it has automatic backlight sensor. The StrokeCoach comes with a Mounting strap but can be mounted in many different way as to suit every individual with our mounting options shown below.

Have a team boat? No problem! The StrokeCoach with Surge Rate will give you an accurate stroke rate in ANY seat in the boat! We've added in a backlight so no more flashlights during those early morning rows. Tested by our team of rowers and paddlers and proven to possibly be the best addition to the NK line ever.

If you are looking for the next big step in your rowing growth or looking for more features?

Check out our highly recomended SpeedCoach GPS Training Pack


You can also use an optional traditional T or A bracket with a wireless mounting dock. If you find yourself in a wired boat, the mounting dock can still be used to hold the StrokeCoach with Surge Rate, so even if your club needs to pay a little more attention to their wiring, or the seats have gotten switched around (again), you’ll be in business. We're developing additional mounting options as well to ensure we give you a solution for every kind of boat you want to row or paddle.

Have a Look at some of our Mounting Options Video!

Please Note: NK strives to make all of its rowing products FLOAT (for obvious reasons). The StrokeCoach with Surge does indeed float…without the protective bumper. However, the combination of the backlight, the extra battery, and the bumper all add up to a product that goes down and stays down. We still strongly recommend that you use the bumper provided with your unit: damage from hitting the boathouse floor or dock is far more  likely  that a one-way trip to the bottom of the river. When on the water, PLEASE be sure to attach the StrokeCoach to your boat by looping the lanyard around something secure and passing the StrokeCoach through the loop. It's fast and easy, and will save it every time.


Bumper Colour Options for StrokeCoach Surge Rate


We regretfully have to say goodbye to a few of our wide range of bumper colours due to Nielsen Kellermans Discontinuing these Products.

We won't be restocking these colours and will be clearing our inventory of these products.  This will mean that the remaining colours will be sold to first-in-best-dressed.

Stroke/SpeedCoach Bumpers that will be Discontinued

Baby Blue, Black, Green, Maroon, Pink, Purple, White

We will be Keeping: Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow

Thank you for being so Understanding

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