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CB Shell Setup Modular CoxBox Shell Setup (select boat size) 2 Year Warranty

What's in the box: 

  • modular harness to suit specified boat size
  • speakers to suit harness (1, 2 or 3)
  • magnet
  • rating sensor
  • mounting clips  

Modular Harness Wiring System


NK's Modular Harness wiring system

For boats with AUDIO & RATING (use with a CoxBox).

You want to spend your time on the water, not wiring your boat. Now, it’s a snap. Engineered from end to end for easy installation, durability and flexibility.

Build every common shell configuration from four simple parts and replace components in seconds with no tools.


  • Fully molded and sealed design to stand up to the harsh demands of rowing and environmental exposure
  • Build EVERY harness you need from three simple pieces. Even add on pieces as your budget allows
  • Affordable modules eliminate the need for repairs - simply plug in a new section if needed
  • Plug-in rate sensor for instant repairs and trouble-shooting
  • NK proprietary gold-plated pins and sockets resist corrosion
  • Lighter than the HD harness system (24oz/680g for 8-3 harness)
  • Fully compatible with all NK speakers and Cox-Box systems
  • Full 3-year warranty: Date coded with month and year


Or, follow these links to get the details on each module, and purchase them individually:

  1. A+ (Audio & Rate Lead)


  3. R (Rate Sensor)


  5. A (Audio)


  7. M (Multi-Speaker)

    NOTE: Our Cox Box and Cox Vox Amplifier Systems are rated for a maximum of 3 speakers. Adding more than three speakers will overload the amplifier which will lead to some or all of the following: distorted sound, reduced volume, temporary amplifier shutdown, permanent amplifier damage.

(CB Shell Setup 4027,4028,4032)

1.0 355.00
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