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Nielsen Kellerman Australia Plain Language Warranty for items purchased in Australia from an authorised Australian agent. 

NK Rowing Electronics, Interval Watches

Nielsen Kellerman design and build our products to provide years of accurate, reliable performance in tough conditions. We stand behind our products with the following warranties and customer loyalty programs.

No Questions Asked 30-Day Satisfaction Warranty

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance or operation of any Nielsen Kellerman product in the first 30 days, you may return it to Nielsen Kellerman or your place of purchase for a full refund. Please contact Nielsen Kellerman with your purchase details if a full refund is applicable.

Limited Warranty

We warrant every Nielsen Kellerman product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the product’s applicable warranty period as stated below. Nielsen Kellerman will repair or replace any defective product or part when notified within the warranty period and will return the product via domestic freight or Australia Post.



  • Nielsen Kellerman Performance Electronics for Rowing and Paddling -  2 years
  • Interval Sports Watches – 2 years
  • Rechargeable Battery Packs (All NK External) – 2 years
  • Blue Ocean Rugged Audio by NK (Excluding battery packs) – 5 years
  • Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters – 5 years

All warranties are measured from the date of purchase by the first consumer end user. If no proof of purchase is available, the warranty period will be measured from the manufacture date of the product as determined by serial number.

 ·        The following do not result from a manufacturing defect and are not covered under this warranty:

  • Damage due to improper use or neglect (including corrosion).
  • Damage resulting from severe impact, crushing or mechanical harm.
  • Modifications, alterations or attempted repairs by someone other than an authorized NK repair agent.
  • Water damage resulting from exposure to water after product enclosure has been visibly damaged and/or failure to return product for service promptly after product enclosure has been compromised.
  • Impeller failure not caused by a manufacturing defect.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Accuracy issues resolvable by recalibration.
  • Reduction in capacity of rechargeable batteries or battery packs age normal for their age and/or number of charge/discharge cycles.
  • Failed batteries other than an NK rechargeable battery pack and/or damage resulting from corrosion
  • or leakage of any installed batteries other than an NK rechargeable battery pack.

Except for the warranties set forth herein, Nielsen Kellerman disclaims all other warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any implied warranties that may be imposed by applicable law are limited to the term of this warranty. In no event shall Nielsen Kellerman be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of business, loss of profits, loss of data or use, whether in an action in contract or tort or based on a warranty, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of an Nielsen Kellerman product, even if Nielsen Kellerman has been advised of the possibility of such damages. You agree that repair, and (upon availability) replacement, as applicable, is your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any breach of the Nielsen Kellerman Limited Warranty set forth herein. 

Notice To Internet & Overseas Shoppers
This shop is for Australian purchases only and all prices are in Australian dollars with GST included.

You should ensure that you purchase your new Nielsen Kellerman products from an AUTHORISED Neilsen Kellerman DEALER. If you are unsure whether an Australian Neilsen Kellerman seller is authorised, you should contact the Nielsen Kellerman sales department for clarification on (02) 6553 2473.

Not all models or colours available overseas are distributed in Australia. Some models are specifically manufactured for Australia to comply with Australian  Communication Authority requirements (items that do not meet this standard are illegal to use in Australia).
So if you purchase from an unauthorised dealer or purchase from overseas, you run the risk of obtaining a model that is not locally supported in Australia.

Nielsen Kellerman products that are purchased from unauthorised resellers WILL NOT be covered under Nielsen Kellermans warranty nor Customer Care Plan. Additionally, you may potentially run the risk of buying a refurbished, reconditioned or non-current unit.
Also any Nielsen Kellerman product  (includes Kestrel Weather Meter, rowing electronics & ClearNav) sold on an open auction site (eg. e-bay) is considered to be the re-sale of a previously owned product and not purchased from an authorised dealer.

When you buy from an authorised Australian Nielsen Kellerman dealer you can be sure that you are receiving a new product and the backing of  our warranty, customer care & support.

We request that you contact Nielsen Kellerman if you feel your product is not working properly. We can often solve product issues by phone or e-mail, saving you the time and expense of returning the unit. If we require the product to be returned, we will issue a Return Authorisation to expedite the handling of your claim.

Our minimum charge to test a unit and process a repair is $25. To avoid paying this charge unnecessarily, please perform simple troubleshooting before you send in your product.

Bumper & Product Colours
COLOURS may not display correctly on all computers.
It is your responsibility to ensure that products ordered will suit the intended purposes.
Damaged Goods
Nielsen Kellerman takes no responsibly for goods damaged in transit and guarantee all products are in good condition before leaving the factory.
In some circumstances Nielsen Kellerman Australia will exchange a product once approved by the manager. Contact Nielsen Kellerman 02 6553 2473 or within 7 days upon receiving the original parcel. There will be a $10 return handling fee. Customers will be responsible for the shipping cost to return the parcel and for us to ship you the replacements. Package the goods securely and post it to us at 206 Cowans Lane, Oxley Island NSW 2430.  Please include your order details such as the date of purchase and contact details. We will contact you after receiving the returns on inspection within 7 days. If we do not contact you within 7 days, please contact us via email at  or phone 02 6553 2473



Please allow 5-14 days for delivery. If a product is out of stock Nielsen Kellerman will contact clients on approximate delivery dates and/or options for refund once approved by Nielsen Kellerman.
If you require an URGENT ORDER please contact or phone 02 6553 2473 and we will do our best to send it.
Lost Post or Freight
Nielsen Kellerman cannot accept liability for loss or delay by Australia Post or any other freight company. Insurance for products are the responisbilty of the purchaser.

Errors when ordering on Nielsen Kellerman's Website
If at anytime you make a mistake while ordering a product on Nielsen Kellerman's website, please contact us immediately (during business hours) 02 6553 2473 and we will do our best to help.
Errors on Website
On rare occasions, freight or item charges may display or auto-calculate incorrectly.
We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order that is priced or auto-calculated in error.
Please contact Nielsen Kellerman Australia for more details:

Customer Care Program

NK wants you to be an NK customer for life, so we take care of you even beyond the terms of the above warranty with our Customer Care Program. Trade-in any of the following NK products, no matter the age or condition, and receive a discount on a replacement product.  Your trade-in discount applies to the same model.
Your trade-in must be surrendered at the time of the sale to receive the discount (that is, we can not give a credit at a later date) and cannot be retained for parts or attempted salvage.

If a unit can not be repaired & is outside the warranty period, we will offer you a discount* on a NEW product.
This offer is ONLY available direct from NK Australia.

Only the following products are eligable for this discount:

  • SpeedCoach Gold control unit only
  • SpeedCoach Red control unit only
  • StrokeCoach unit control only
  • CoxBox control unit only (upgrade to a new CoxPlus & also receive a discount on the new model Microphone) 
  • CoxBox Mini control unit only


Nielsen Kellerman Australia Pty Ltd is the ONLY factory trained & authoried repairer of NK products in Australia, no one else has the correct parts & tools to do this. We are unable to offer this service on units that the customer or anyone else has attempted a repair.

For all repairs including warranty repairs please Download a Service Repair Form and send a copy with your unit to
NK Australia
206 Cowans Lane
Oxley Island NSW 2430

All non-warranty repairs will be charged at $77.00 inc gst per hour plus parts and freight.

COX BOX overhaul: $195.00 inc
GST COX VOX overhaul: $195.00 inc GST

This is not just a simple repair, it is a major overhaul of your unit. Typically, this unit will function perfectly (provided you follow our guidelines for care of the unit). Replaced items include: ALL seals, battery, panel rubber connector, all GOLD pins on connector, panel BNC, upgrade charge circuit, upgrade LCD lamp, supply silicone lubricant. Any further items that require repair are subject to the Customer Care Pricing chart. All repairs have a ONE YEAR warranty.

Optionally, we can replace the can with a STAINLESS STEEL one for increased durability ($50.00 inc GST) Should your Aluminium can be excessively dented, then we must replace it with a stainless steel unit as above. We can also repair your crackling microphone ($38.50 inc GST).

Should your unit not be economical repair, then we can offer you a NEW unit, with a TWO YEAR warranty at our customer care price. That is, you send us your old unit & we sell you a new unit at at a discounted price. No ifs, no butts, that is a brand new unit. We do ask that the unit that you are sending to us has a valid serial number and must not have been repaired or attempted to be repaired by anyone other than us. This offer excludes products that have been physically abused. Customer must pay freight to have the unit delivered.

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