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NK Live LiNK is a digital platform that allows coaches to view performance data from their crews in real time from wherever they are. Designed around our innovative SpeedCoach GPS 2 with Training Pack, athletes or crews can stream data directly from a SpeedCoach to the LiveLiNK cloud via a free app downloaded to their smartphone.

Watch Live
Viewed from ANYWHERE!


With NK Live Link,

Coaches have the right info at their fingertips to help their team improve.

Any metrics being recorded by the SpeedCoach can be viewed live by a coach, even if not currently being displayed on the SpeedCoach.

Always know exactly where your crews are and what they are doing,
 even if you are monitoring them from your launch, or the bike path on shore. Or another city. Or any location in the world with an internet connection.

Update your FIRMWARE TO 2.19 HERE >>

Video livestreaming is gaining popularity as a way to view your favorite crews in action, especially if you can't attend the race. Starting at the Independence Day Regatta this year, NK adds a new dimension to spectating – crews streaming their SpeedCoach data with LiveLiNK will allow you to watch competitors on the course and be able to view real-time performance and telemetry from all the boats while they are racing!
Visit to access the NK Live LiNK streaming web viewer.

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