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Rowing to Win

Rowing to Win

“Practice makes perfect” is one of the most common phrases in sports. That certainly holds true for rowers preparing for a big event, but race day requires its own set of techniques and strategies.

"Most top rowers like to build at least 10 strokes before the starting line, then take the first 20 to 30 strokes to establish a quick, light cadence before settling into a sustainable rate” says Alix James, NK’s CEO and a top rower herself. At this point, your energy level will be high. Giving your adrenaline a job to do prepares you to settle into the focus on pacing and steering that will help you turn in the race time you want.

As the race progresses, focus on splits. With an even split strategy, you’ll maintain roughly the same split times throughout the race (giving or taking a second or two between splits, depending on your energy level). After your strong start, settle into your race pace by the ½ mile mark. Now is the right time to glance at your SpeedCoach and make sure you’re at the rate you planned, and see your base split for the conditions. As you hit the tough middle section of these longer races, your SpeedCoach truly becomes your on-board coach. As you set up your course and turns, or start worrying about other boats, it’s easy to let your splits fall off.  A quick glance at your SpeedCoach display every few strokes will confirm that you are laying down the consistency that makes for a fast time. Remember, wind is a big factor in your speed, so you may have to recalibrate your target as conditions change.

NK offers a few models of SpeedCoach for your training and racing. If you can’t decide which one to get, give us a call, we are here to help!

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