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Tips from the Rowers of NK - CoxBox Battery

  8 Ways to take care of your Cox Box Battery Pack

  1. Do not store or charge your battery pack above 110°F/ 44°C.
  2. When charging your battery pack, confirm that it reaches 100% (“FULL”) or a solid green light after 3 to 4 hours of charging.
  3. Take care to ALWAYS align the battery pack correctly in the Cox Box or charger. Ensure that the two alignment bumps are matched with the two alignment grooves, and the single alignment bump is matched with the single groove. DO NOT FORCE THE BATTERY PACK INTO THE COX BOX!! If you need to use force, it is not correctly aligned. If you force an incorrectly aligned battery pack into the unit, it will not charge.  It may also become jammed, crack the pack or can, and/or damage the Cox Box circuitry (See Fig 1).
    cox box battery pack                                        Figure 1 – Cox Box Battery Alignment (click image to enlarge)
  4. Avoid “hot swapping”. Hot swapping refers to switching the batteries while the Cox Box is turned on or charging; therefore please turn off the Cox Box and take it off charge before removing and replacing the battery pack.
  5. Do not ignore error messages! Also realize that ANY error message stops the charging as soon as it is triggered, so your pack may not have fully charged if you see an error message.
  6. Charge your battery pack when its capacity drops below 40%. Lithium ion batteries do not suffer from “memory effect”, so you can partially discharge and recharge them without degrading their performance.
  7. Although there is no memory effect, it is recommended to fully drain your battery pack a few times a season. Draining the battery pack ensures that all three cells are synchronized in their charge level, providing maximum capacity, and that the fuel gauge circuitry is reset, reducing battery charging errors.  Drain your pack by using it until the Cox Box turns off, then allowing the battery pack to sit uncharged (in or out of a Cox Box) for 48 HOURS. You can also simply turn on the Cox Box and leave it on until it turns off (30 hours or so), and then allow the battery pack to sit uncharged for two more days. This is more practical to do if you have at least one spare battery pack in your program.
  8. Remove your battery pack (ideally around 40% charge) from the Cox Box for long-term storage (winter).

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