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Six workouts favoured by the Rowers of NK

 Six workouts favoured by the Rowers of NK

There is no doubt that athletes have a love/hate relationship with certain workouts. We asked the rowers of NK to share some of their “favorite” workouts and why these are on their go-tos on the erg, in the weight room, and on the water.

1. 12 x 500 meters on/1 minute off at your target pace minus a split or two.

This workout can be a real confidence booster.  Even though you are getting a minute break, you are doing three times the work at a pace that is faster than the one you are shooting for. It can help you realize what you are capable of, especially if you manage a good sprint on the last one!

2. Circuit lifting with a group

Break into teams of three and do high-rep one minute circuits. The two people not lifting need to help remove weights from the bar so the worker can transition quickly between workouts. This workout can be a team building activity and create healthy competitiveness.

3. 3 x 10-minute workout @24-26-28-30(4-3-2-1 min) with 8 minutes rest in between each set.

This is a tough workout, but it is a good way to gauge what you can put on a 6K without having to do the whole thing.  It also conditions you to push harder as you go further into the piece, which can help to physically and mentally prepare you for the toughest parts of a race.

4. On Sliders do 40min, 30min with 7 minutes rest in between.

Sliders can add an element of distraction to long pieces, and help you focus on your drive timing.

5.  3 x 15 min @24spm with 3 minutes rest.

This workout is not necessarily “fun,” but it can really help to increase your anaerobic threshold. This workout should be done with moderate pressure.

6. 8 x 4 minutes on and 1 minute off.

This breaks the workout up into small segments so it isn’t as mundane. In general, short intense intervals can help increase your steady state pace.

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